I bought my first Cocker Spaniel bitch in 1974 from the Kennel „von der Borke“.

Wendy was a blue roan and she won us over with her merry nature. I became member of the Spaniel Club and when she was two years old she had her first litter under the kennel name „vom Lilienthaler Gehölz“. Out of two litters we kept Jenny and Jonas and moved then to the Netherlands. Jonas lived with us the longest, he became 14 years old.

1991 we said goodbye from the seaside and moved to the Gronniger Land. Our 150—year—old house had the name „Dollardhoeve“ so it was natural that we changed to the Dutch kennel name „van de Dollardhoeve“. Years of intensive and careful breeding followed. The English breeder, Mrs M. Robinson (Craigleigh) and especially Mrs Pam Walker (Cardamine) helped me to extend and deepen my knowledge. I am very grateful to both of them for the wonderful dogs with fantastic nature and health.

Our pack of dogs live amongst our family in our big kitchen and together with the puppies, visitors and puppy buyers the is never a dull moment.

Sadly 2002 everything came to a Stopp through my bad illness. Heavily hearted I decided to cut down to 6 dogs, also to concentrate only in breeding solid colours. It is a challenge to breed doge that are healthy, with perfect nature, are beautiful and have special colours. Black and Tan, Liver, Liver and Tan, Red Sable and Liver Sable. In most cases our litters have different colours, with red, black and blond.

We moved back to Germany in the summer of 2003 and live now in the Frisian Wehde, near Oldenburg. Our dogs and us love the long walks in the surrounding woods. Our first healthy litter, from Jelle and Bärli, has already arrived in our new house.

I hope I can make many people happy in the coming years with our little kennel